Imagine What The World Could Be...

Lassie: You take shotgun. Shawn: You are so sexy right now!

20 September 1989
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I recently just started college
MUSIC is my life...without it there would be no me
PHOTOGRAPHY is an amazing thing...
"It's a way to savor the moments of your life because one day when you look back it could be gone."
I love FILMS especially indie films

I complain alot...but don't exactly mean it the way it comes out
Also,I ask to many questions and don't realize it...
I'm very open-minded...and I don't judge people until I actually get to know them
I'm really weird and random...
but when you get to know me I guess I'm fun to hang out with

I'm Obscenely Obsessed with tv series SCRUBS & PSYCH
Go-carting and SKATEBOARDING are some of my hobbies